​Gerry Merritt


January 22, 2022

This Too Shall Pass

In the seeming never ending tearful progression of this COVID contagion, may we all take solace in the notion that this too shall pass.  The terrible pandemics of the distant past, in the Middle Ages, endured for years, inflicting death on the unsuspecting and the wise, evenly, dispensing a justice that only a virus can appreciate.  Today, the electronic village we inhabit creates us all neighbors, so close to one another that an event on one side of the planet is known by someone on the other side almost instantaneously.  To this concurrency we must add the progression of time itself.  It seems that the passage of time is all that we can really hope for.  The scourges of yesteryear were undoubtedly experienced as a message from an aggrieved god, revenge on those who had not repented or sought out the proper forms of service.  In our modern day we see things differently.  We are the bearers of our own fate, we are the one who chose to take or refuse the examples of those who came before us.  We stand in wonder that we, the living, are their progeny.  We live because they survived.  That is why the truth of the idea that this too shall pass is relevant to our despair, to our time of trouble and doubts.  As we pass though our time, let us embrace a piece of the spirit that animates everything and be strong for the next time the sun rises.